A GMRS license costs $35. It is valid for 10 years. Your GMRS license will cover your entire family.

Getting a GMRS license consists of first getting an FRN number from the FCC. Then, using that FRN number, you can purchase your GMRS license.

Follow this detailed guide here.


There are GMRS bubble pack radios you can buy at retail stores. These radios can listen to the Mission Area GMRS Repeater. However, they are not able to transmit through the repeater. Bubble pack radios will only be able to transmit to others on the same frequency within 1 to 2 miles range.

If you want to use the Mission Area GMRS Repeater to reach people in the surrounding communities, you will need repeater capable radios.

There are two types of radios you can use for repeater access: mobile radios and portable radios.

Mobile radios are the type of radio you would put in your vehicle. They usually have higher power. GMRS allows up to 50 Watts for repeater channels. Some examples of GMRS mobile radios are the Midland Micromobile GMRS radios. There are other brands you also find on Amazon.

Portable radios are often called walkie-talkies. At most, portable radios will transmit about 5 Watts. Repeater capable portable radios are a bit more expensive than bubble pack radios, but not much more. For example you can buy the Wouxun KG-805G. There are also GMRS models by BTECH, Baofeng, and Retevis.


Bubble pack radios can be set to channel 15 with a privacy code of 22. This will allow you to communicate with nearby radio operators who are using the repeater or with other radio operators with bubble pack radios. This is called simplex operation.

Repeater-capable radios can also be set to channel 15 and privacy code 22. You may need to enable the repeater capability in your radio's settings to be able to tune to the repeater channel 15, which is different from simplex channel 15. Using a repeater is called half-duplex.

Some radios will require you to set the transmission and receive frequencies separately. The transmit frequency for your radio should be 467.55 MHz. The receive frequency is 462.55 MHz.

If privacy code 22 does not work for your GMRS radio, it may have a different number set for 141.3 Hz. Consult the manual to find out how to set it to 141.3 Hz. The privacy code is often called a PL tone or CTCSS.


Mission Area GMRS is setting up a way for club members to donate. Donations help offset cost of equipment and repairs. In the long-term, we would like to have a backup repeater that can be deployed if the existing repeater fails. Check back for details on member donations.